Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic EBM8103B Programmable Bread Maker Machine

Elite Bistro 2 lb. Digital Bread Maker

we have an opportunity to I mean this is so awesome because this is sort of bringing back bringing us back almost to like the 90s remember when you used to love to be able to walk into the kitchen and smell that fresh bread I used to make fresh bread all the time but then I stopped doing it it was a little too cumbersome well but today brand new from elite and you know how we lovely one of our top brands here at HSN you are getting a digital bread maker it is on a price break first of all all the bread makers I remember from years ago we’re always in that like you know 100 150 dollar and strange absolutely 69 95 it is on 4 flexpay payments and let me just tell you there’s a huge resurgence and making our roads back again its back and miss Kelly du Hoc today hi Bo are you oh my gosh bread makers are making a comeback exciting the ones of the past didn’t work very well the consistency never was one amazing elite Bistro is bringing back the bread maker you may have heard it it’s all the rage it’s all over the national talk shows everybody’s doing a bread maker but we’re doing it differently because we have 19 sets so a pre program so from your basic bread to a quick bread to a sweet bread a French bread you can make any bread preservative free chemical free you know gluten free sugar free whatever kind of bread you want to make you don’t now have to go to the grocery store and buy the stuff in a bag that lasts like a month you know why it lasts a month there’s chemicals in it right if your breads lasting that long there’s stuff in it you don’t want to be eating elite Bistro makes it so easy to make fresh bread so this was just a cinnamon raisin is that I’m smelling and we use these dark feature so you can do light crust medium crust or dark crust it’s totally customizable can’t do that at the bakery no you get what you get right so look at how beautiful what’s so great about a li Bistro is not only is this a preset about halfway through as it starts kneading the dough for you yes this obviously is going to knead the dough for you it will beep at you and tell you when is the right time to add the raisins there is no thinking if you’re adding nuts like walnuts or cranberries it will beep at you and tell you when to add all your ingredients by the way as you’re looking at this three previous colors that is the gorgeous aqua it’s black aqua or red and you can even set the cook time can’t you likes an advance well you can pre-program it to come on maybe overnight and you wake up to fresh breath I love that there’s also just a cook button and we’ll talk about it because it will do meatloaf it’ll do your yogurt it’s a yogurt maker we it’ll make your jams and your jellies there’s a jam future so let’s get through some of the bread and then reflect about all the real like these things over there so this is a cinnamon raisin fruit cake that I can make cake there’s a cake button and it does it all without added preservatives and I think that’s important I mean many of us are trying to get away from the gunk and the junk let me just show you how easy it is let’s do it to do like a white bread and we’d love to hear from you as you’re placing your order on this I mean finally they’re back and 1790 and they’re in good colors and they’re so inexpensive what a great price okay so easier than ever four or five ingredients to the image stuff you already have at home to make if you’ve never made fresh bread please if you’ve never had that smell of fresh bread in your home okay just a couple of cups of water you’re gonna pop it in your bread maker you’re gonna add in your yeast and you get that in the baking aisle right your dry active yeast and then you’re gonna add a little bit of sugar and salt depends on the recipe maybe you don’t want to add sugar but go ahead and look at the manual because it comes with 19 recipes 19 recipe a little bit of olive oil okay and it’s even gonna tell you in the guide what order to add this in it does it does so it doesn’t matter what you can’t remember grandma’s a she used to need it she used to get arthritis and her hands are all kinds of issues because of all the kneading of the dough right this is gonna need it for over an hour for you so you don’t have to do that not that you would anyway most of us wouldn’t but now that we have our fresh bread makers all right so it’s three and a half cups of flour on this one the recipe will tell you you can make a pound of bread a pound and a half of bread or a two pound loaf you have this election you can cross different sleight me by a murderer crust oh here’s all of our presets and they’re basic quick sweet we won’t go through all 19 they’ll take me forever but rye bread to a cake Bobbie to whole meal dough pizza dough leaving kneading mixing function there’s the jam function if you want to make yogurt I can’t believe me do you select the weight so we’re doing a pound and a half so you just select your weight you can go up and down on your time in terms of manual if you happen to know a certain recipe you won’t use that unless you know exactly what you’re doing right color setting which would be light medium or dark what would you like medium okay we’re gonna go back to medium so there’s that medium and then a start button that’s it all of the buttons that are so easy and then you can watch down here as I hit start right in that window you can keep Teddy checking on everything I’m gonna hit the start button do you see it’s starting to knead the dough for me it’s a mixing paddle and it will knead the dough and you don’t even have to prove your yeast it will ferment for you and then the cool thing about this is that you do exactly what we just showed you which it takes a minute and then you go about your life yeah so you don’t get the biggest in two and a half hours so I like to do it overnight I set it for like 4 o’clock in the morning you wake up to fresh bread smell in your own like you’re at a bakery bread store we all go to to buy the bagels and the fresh breads yeah you can have that in your own foot own home for a fraction of the price you can see there she’s going through all those presets she selected five look at it kneading the dough for you you’re not using your hands you’re not rolling out the dough and then she’s actually gonna use that tool all it does is pull out that paddle cuz you’re baking right so it’s gonna make the paddle right you get the little hook and then you have fresh baked bread then you can get at the bakery better than you purchase in a baggie with all the chemicals I’m really all about sort of eating a little bit healthier exactly simple things we can do to get the chemicals and preservatives out of our life one of them is to bake fresh bread we thought it took forever we thought it was cumbersome not when you have the elite beasto bread maker I’m telling you if you’re following again watching a lot of the cooking shows as I mention in the beginning I mean bread makers are back there big benches and we haven’t I can’t even remember how many years it’s been here at HSN since uh since I’ve had this but over ten I think I was just gonna say it at least 10 years it’s back today this is the very first airing I’m not sure if how we are in college we’re trying to get an update in terms of which color on first which one the red is the most popular but the aqua is the most limited they’re beautiful this is just your basic white bread it’s the one that I loaded it’s the one you could probably make right now if this bread bread maker arrived to your home right you wouldn’t you already happening ingredient I mean I want to don’t keep yeast but a lot of us do so you would have the active yeast you have flour you have sugar you have water and you can add an egg or cheese maybe you want to do the cinnamon raisin it’ll beep at you until you win is x add jury if you’re just joining us and you’re going what are they got we have the brand-new elite Bistro bread maker and like I said not only does its own bread though you can see here I’m revealing a cake this will also bring to temp and do your yogurt and your jam and your jelly your marmalade if you’re just wanting to get back to basics but you don’t to spend a lot of time getting back to base right and what I mean by that is we’re not spending all day in our kitchen like grandma did she made fresh bread she did it with her hands right it was a prize it was an all-day process this can be an overnight process for you if you would like it to smells on notice that they all just slide right out that’s true and it’s a nice vertical shape so if you do a bread in it and you slice it it’ll fit in the toaster there’s a lot of you know bread makers out there that have these big long loaves and at none of it fits in a toaster this will fit in that toaster but look at this beautiful cake it’s moist there’s even a sponge cake feature look at how waste that is how be I have to taste that okay this is all you know wait there handing you that I was also gonna say it is like perfect size yeah it does it does 1/2 pounds one pound or two pounds it’ll do those three settings most bread makers don’t give you a choice it’s like this is you get what you get most of them don’t have the light medium or dark or many of them don’t you know and most do for about a hundred bucks or more I mean I was looking online it’s like 100 I saw one for 300 and it pretty much did the exact same thing we have 19 settings some of them have 5 some of them have terrible this is a killer deal and oh let me just tell you this cake is awesome its moist right because it’s cooked in the beaker by the way I know we have only a little over a minute this is brand-new you have not seen it as you said it’s probably been 10 years since you’ve even seen a bread maker we love that we not only have it today but have it from Elise the red on fire so the red is definitely in the lead but you look at this video to show you that you can not just make bread you can actually make your jams and your jelly yep and your yogurt or where’s the meatloaf you made only loaf so there’s a cook feature if you don’t want it to mix or neat or do any of that for you it’ll cook for you so you can mix your own meatloaf mixture pop it on the inside and it’ll cook for you you can also just use the mix feature in terms of if you have a certain pan that you want to make a bread in in your oven you can use this like this French loaf for example right you can actually use your bread maker and there’s just a single mix feature it’ll mix it’ll need your dough it’ll proof your yeast it’ll ferment and then you take it out and bake it how you want a bagel right it’s really versatile and I think you know we’ve sort of got away from bread makers and we went to the prepackaged stuff but I think we’re coming back and we’re getting healthy again we don’t want those chemicals we don’t want those preservatives this has a pizza dough feature you ready for that you’re talking about healthy as I’m chomping down on chocolate cake it’s healthier because this is emma calls so well exactly up and and for anybody out there then first of all thank you we now have hundreds of people that are joining us Kelly is just showing you how simple and easy but you see that it comes with a brochure yep when you actually have 19 different setting recipes and settings right more get recipes crazy great elite Bistro does the pre programs well on one of our pressure cookers or maybe our air fryer you know that we do the thinking for you we don’t want you to have to do all the thinking for example this literally is gonna say pizza dough four ingredients you guys I’ve had my active yeast right I had my oil I had my salt and then I had three to five cups of flour those are four ingredients to pizza dough no chemicals you I’ve got my mixing paddle I popped it on the inside I love that there’s that cooking look lid right we know what’s happening and then you go right down front and I happen to know I’m gonna go down to number 12 his 12 says pizza dough all the presets it’s hard to see on your screen when you get at home it’s real easy to see 10 11 12 means pizza dough I’m gonna hit start guess what I don’t see that fresh made pizza dough okay I have only 350 remaining in the Aqua but that’s it the final two think we got to get to the whoa berry jam and the blueberry jam we have to show you the jam it makes Jam it makes yogurt it makes cake alright so here’s the jam three ingredients pectin sugar and blueberries and now you’re like the Pinterest mom that made her own fresh jam Bobby that’s my goal in life for $17 gonna lower nine cents on any credit card debit card PayPal item number six three eight seven eight six and this is the first show the first airing there long and election with only a little over 200 left in the Aqua a few more in the black and then the red on fire just get it home because you will not be disappointed thank you so much so happy for you so in credit have you sponsor we’re all so thank you so much Bobby we appreciate it

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