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yes n is a Black Friday and today we’ve been celebrating like crazy and this theme is about nostalgia this is about what’s old is new again we are thrilled to make a Cuisinart bread maker available right now free shipping to your door and you know what you pay $19.99 to get it and try it and play with it and boy you know what the smell of homemade bread is like Oh imagine knotting a not having to need it or waiting for it to rise or wondering to add a quarter teaspoon of soda or seriously baking is a science unless you have precise ingredients and levels it can all go south real fast this my grandmother was a master bread maker but I will never be able to duplicate her Quizon army this is a Cuisinart bread maker you can do a variety of sizes a variety of crusts you get recipes along with it let’s get started with this customer pick already here’s the thing a customer pick yet is brand-new Keri maletto is joining us so we can talk details you know I’m not surprised it’s a customer pick when I think about Cuisinart right of course they have done like all the hard work giving us the ability to throw the ingredients walk away and it come back and your bread is perfect you’ve made a loaf fully automatic I this is I am so excited because you know and they say what’s old with old is new again I I’ve always wanted to be a baker and I’m gonna give you like a little truth about Carrie I am an excellent cook but when it comes to baking I struggle and so maybe that’s you you know maybe you want to be that one making all these really gorgeous Brides when people come over but it makes is tough to eat them rising I don’t know Cuisinart has done all the work for you and I would say Cuisinart equals quality and because they’re gonna give you such a high-quality machine with a three-year full manufacturing warranty I mean I think that’s amazing that you can get a warranty for three years and they’re gonna give you the bread pan comes with it’s a nonstick bread pan I want to show that off so that when you’re Malouf is done or anything that you’re cooking in here it’s gonna slide right out which I love okay it’s actually gonna come with a recipe book as well that’s gonna give you 58 recipes so if you look at this and you go what are we gonna do with this bread maker 58 times things just to get started it’s gonna come with the measuring cup to get started with you and it also is gonna have your smell so your teaspoons in your your tablespoons measuring so we’re gonna give you both of those already ready to go let’s come over here been again started beautiful machine gorgeous so when you look at this you say okay how do we how do we get started I’m going to show you how to do a white bread then we’re gonna look at the white bread now after it’s done so it actually times everything out for you it does the temperature for you I’m gonna lift this up and you can see that we have our bread pan there now we can either do this and take our bread pan out and add our ingredients or we can just go ahead and leave it in the machine so I’m just gonna leave it in the machine for for easiness so here’s what she do here’s here’s my friend white bread I want to show you how easy this is so here’s a white bread recipe Callie is going to read it because here’s the deal here’s what we also did for you you’re going to add your ingredients in the exact order the Fairless okay here because what’s happening is we’re gonna put our wet at the bottom are dry and then our yeast this is how you do it right so go ahead read off those ingredients to me we’re gonna do two pound loaf we’re gonna do water water first so we have our one and a half cups of water so I’m just gonna pour the water inside okay easy now many tablespoons unsalted butter there we go we have our butter right here on Tanith pop it in there one temperature is important because you want to make sure nothing’s too cold or too hot it affects bread tablespoon of granulated sugar or honey there we go we’re gonna use some sugar so here’s our sugar I’m just gonna pour that right now one and a half teaspoon salt there we go salt in four cups bread flour okay so we’re gonna pop it in there and end a quarter cup nonfat dry milk got it okay wait finally you get him in there he’s been sitting there for a minute waiting okay there one and a half teaspoons of yeast so now when you do your yeast you never want to see how now the dry has covered the wet so we’re gonna make what we call like a little crater at the top we’re gonna put our yeast right there see how it sets inside how like you’re doing mashed potatoes or something okay so then all I’m gonna do here’s the hard part guys close it okay come over here where I have 12 different options to choose it’s all laid out so beautifully LCD screen so you’re doing one pound 1/2 pound two pounds so we know what’s going on so first we’re to go to menu and then if I were to go through all of these it’s changing it and I want to go to one one is basic white bread that’s what we’re doing okay then I want to pick my loaf size so I know I want to do one pound one and a half an hour to pound I’m gonna do two pound and then I can pick my crust color so I know why I wanted you I like a medium crust so I’m gonna put it to medium so it’s light medium dark that’s it start and automatically you’re gonna hear it start it is like this will be your favorite thing this is a path once I turning it right now you don’t have to go okay we’re gonna check on it there it goes it does all of this for you automatically in that awesome and we’ll start back yeah we will check back we’ll check back it I love my bread maker there’s nothing better than the smell of that and the recipes you’re getting I mean we’re talking everything from like cinnamon swirl bread to pizza dough’s you even made a cranberry sauce there’s so much more you can yeah than just your typical white bread or whole wheat bread just so you know though nobody’s doing flexpay nobody is getting this for $19.99 nobody but HSN is delivering it to you for free yeah this is a Cuisinart this is so cool to be able to get this to you right now again on five flex for today and today only we have 500 we have 500 remaining just to let you know that’s where we’re at the item is 202 eight to nine so there’s my white bread he just shakes right out and noticed because this is nonstick I’m just gonna have to wipe it and it’s nice and clean my paddles inside I’m gonna take that paddle out when I’m ready – washer safe completely so it’s good to go so now obviously I would leave this to cool for about 20 or 30 minutes before I would cut into it guys so notice it’s gonna you know it hasn’t had a chance to cool but you’re gonna get that opportunity get this fried you guys you know and he is I just was in the store and when I looked at all the bread that was there a lot of it has high-fructose corn syrup oh yeah weird is that a lot of it has you know you have all the different types of flours that you can use and we know we have unbleached we have bleach we have all those different traits like my husband’s gluten so ideal if you are on a gluten-free diet or somebody here like this ah you can make the best lutein free anything in here and you know how expensive it is like a people just don’t fluff it’s not even this big guys know if it’s like half this it’s almost $6 like to get along at five six seven dollars it’s very important if you’re gluten you tried you know intolerance it’s very important not deep gluten thank you yeah well night it’s nice and hot it’s nice and fluffy all the ingredients all the things you need the recipes are there 58 recipes um so you whether you want to put a little Jam on here whether you want to put some butter on here you’re ready to go here we’ve made a cranberry bread now with this beautiful what’s happening over here that you’re kind of hearing it though it’s kneading and then it’s gonna go to where it rests and then it’s going to do the rising and it’s going to knead again there’s gonna come a point where you can actually when it’s done meeting and you can take your bread out so when that happens you can then if you want to do a brioche if you want to do rolls if you want to do it you want to take it over to the oven to finish you can or you can leave it into this machine to finish so the choice is yours I love that it’s mixing for you understand as you’re looking at this not only can you do your breads but if you want to do your flour at your dough’s pour your pizzas that’s true pick it up and see you guys can take a peek at that any time you want to 400 here we are not available our sweets okay so now you want to do your warned cake likes so even more batters when you’re working with eggs and you’re working on glozer things here we have our pumpkin bread so this is the time of year for everything butter everything pumpkin butter right that one looks good too oh my gosh dad is like pesto loaf I made this last night very yeah I’d never tried a pesto loaf before so what happens with something like this is you end up becoming more adventurous or what that one looks amazing now you know what’s great about this one it came completely from a box this is a box mix that I just placed in the machine the machine has number six function it’s packaged mix so that you can go ahead and just take your package mix and put it on my card put it right inside I really enjoy so much I don’t know if you’re like that like I can see the steam is just totally teaming up oh my gosh mhm I enjoy this part where you cut into it and you go look what I have made this is just too good to pass up I mean so liking these recipes are great you guys are getting 58 recipes yeah how about this whole week come up come up Kalamata rolls we have cinnamon swirl rose basic sweet bread brioche baguettes ooh YUM so yeah and all we want to do with that is it squeeze there’s gonna come a point where it’s gonna do five beat oh my god that’s indicating it’s on its last cycle for kneading and that’s when you can go ahead and put any mix in so if you want to add fresh herbs walnuts you name it anything you know cheese anything into the loaf that’s when you would add it after that when it’s completely done with the completion of the mixing and eating cycle it’s gonna do six short beeps that’s the moment where you can remove your paddle and that’s also the moment when here’s what the paddle looks like here switch sole piece you can remove the paddle completely and you can remove it and shape it or you can just take it out all together and then if you want to do like small like we did our pretzel rolls where we did our pretzel rolls so we just took that out of the machine we finished them off and we did them in the oven from that very night but this did only the mixing for us and that and the thing is this recipe book that you get tells you exactly what to do to make anything that you see here and so much more I mean lemon lemon poppy seed bread zucchini bread banana walnut bread anything gluten-free challah rich raisin low but I mean 58 recipes raisin loaf is like one of my favorites ever because it’s such a great breakfast um yeah you know I mean and so you can look if you’re having apple coming over for the holidays this is fantastic because we’re already using our ovens for 500 things this is the way to have your fresh breads there’s there is nothing like this mill think about the last time I went to a bakery of fresh bread and fresh it just it just permeates everywhere when people are coming loose you’re gonna sell out let them smell vests let them smell this dough’s mmm fresh pizza it doesn’t get any better than that remember or have you ever tried it by hand you see those guys the pizza shops like throwing it up in the air and doing all this crazy we Tod that lunch with Tristan some friends all ending up on the floor oh my gosh Lee if you dip laughing but I mean that’s not exactly what you want to do so this one this one’s doing it’s telling us it’s finished so we’re gonna check there in just a second here just point to here for a second this is the dough you guys everything is done for us in there we don’t have to worry about needing it or letting it rest or waiting for it to rise or any of that stuff it’s done inside of here that this will let us know the Machine says hey it’s ready time to make a pizza and this is the time of year I think you’re gonna you’re gonna keep this out on the counter because first of all it’s gorgeous it’s a Cuisinart it’s beautiful with that brushed stainless and black accent it’s that retro look it’s that throwback to the past yeah it’s modern technology making something that my grandmother God blessed my grandmother Hannah the best woman ever to live on the planet she used to spend days and days and days making her buns and her breads and all the specialties Norwegian delicacies right when a bread maker like this could have been the absolute best friend and that’s what it’ll be for you you touch a button walk away he does all leading the rising you don’t have to check on it we have less now than 300 available with a clock on the screen so if you want yours get it $19.99 on flex pay pay that off a little at a time in one payment now one payment next month that’s it if you pay it off no shark charge to ship that’s free it’s on us it’s Adam – OH – eight to nine one last reveal oh my gosh here are

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