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Coming at you today with a whole lot of massive Bread making going down So I am using my freezer Fruit, bread recipe it’s over on the blog, but it’s where I do a bunch of what I call Freezer fruit, bread, and so today I’ve got a bunch of bananas. I also have applesauce and I Have some frozen strawberries, so I think I’m going to experiment. Doing some strawberry bread? Hey? Why not? I’r also going To oh, what are you doing, ( baby coos )? Did you touch the old bananas? Was it yucky I’m going outside to do a bunch of work? Last night I power washed the whole house and we moved a bunch of Hostas in the evening and I’ve got another Shade garden type of bed going along the back deck just doing all my mama puttering things, So I’m going to get these Fruit breads in the oven and I’m going to get bread Going in both bread machines, I’m just going to try to fill A shelf in the freezer with various fruit, breads ‘Cause, those are always convenient to have and I’ll Be showing you how I do both and at some point I’ll brush my hair too Win/win ( homey, guitar, music ).

So we got three big pans: Of banana raisin bread, Don’t worry, we’ll do some Banana chocolate chip next, but there we go, Mama got raisins in so back where they belong. This is my first bread machine. It was actually one of my Very first YouTube articles where I did the unboxing Had this for over four years, and then this is the bread Machine still going strong, I got it at the thrift store, it was another early YouTube.

Thrift store haul article I wan na say I got it. For like $ 2.99 or $ 3.99 Anyway, we’re going to get both of these pumping out some bread now ( homey guitar music ). So I just added everything in I’m using whole wheat flour for this loaf. This is for my bread. Machine applesauce bread, so I’m just going to close the Lid and they have a setting called quick bread, so This is what I use a lot for these loaves and Then I just hit Start There you go Now.

The thing is and you Can see it’s spinning after it spins for a few minutes I’ll check it again here in a few minutes, I always go around the sides Whenever I don’t there’s trouble, But if I can go around the Sides with one of those, I can’t think right now what It’s called rubber spatulas. It just helps things from getting clumpy, So we’ll come back in a Minute and check on this one, So here’s where we’re going to Check in on everything, So it’s just this little side part I’ve had times where I don’t kinda just run the spatula around the sides and then for some reason, the Sides just don’t mix well, and it’s happened to me.

On various bread machines Mmkay Now we will do this bread machine Now out of both bread, Machines this one for $ 2.99 that I got from the thrift Store four years ago, this one sometimes will give me trouble. Sometimes I have to put a loaf from this machine on for a little longer. Overall, I’ve never lost any loaves, except if I don’t scrape the sides, But when people have trouble With bread machine recipes, it could just be an issue with The machine itself as well One cup of milk.

We have A fourth of a cup of oil, now we’re doing four eggs, and now I’m going to do two Cups of unsweetened applesauce – I am lazy with a lot of My various bread recipes – I don’t do anything different based on what kind of fruit I’m working with. If I was doing, mashed Bananas, I would do two cups of mashed bananas. If I was Going to do blueberries, I would do two cups of blueberries same recipe just switch out the fruit This time, instead of using Sugar, I am using Stevia like the baking blend.

Stevia big bag of it here from Walmart, and we Will see how this goes, I’m also using whole wheat flour. Now sometimes I do a Mix, half all-purpose half whole wheat. Sometimes all you know six one way, half dozen another, but that’s what I’m Using with these loaves, We’ll probably do it all by the time we’re done with this bread-making time And then for this machine. Here it has an express bake, 80 minutes, and that is What we will go down to and then we’ll hit Start Now.

I said to always use The little scraper around your bread and I didn’t do It and now it’s cooking and I still think I can sneak and do it So yeah just going to scrape Around the sides – real quick, Oh no, Hopefully, hopefully this will not be a lesson in why you do this? I think we got away with that. We shall see So this was the banana and raisin bread and I had some of the Kids, come in with, like oh, it’s banana chocolate chip, bread! No! It’s banana raisin bread’cause! I had about a cup of Raisins I wanted to use up.

Thank you That too It’s okay here, look! To the camera real quick, But we’re not going to touch the pan. I just wan na show friends look at Amelia. You wanted to do one Braid this morning, right Yeah, And what did you say? You wanted Piggy tails, Piggy tails and we did it And what does Mama always use? To get your piggy tails right Or half right Fork A fork. I used the fork to divide her hair And when Naomi was little and I was going to do piggy tails and I got the fork and I Was coming to do her hair? What did she say? “ Mommy, don’t fork my hair!”.

She said “, don’t fork my hair Mommy,”, but I just use it to divide,’cause. I always have a fork. But I don’t always have a comb, So, as I mentioned last Night power washed, the house, we moved a bunch of hostas around Mmm. Benjamin He’s been eating. Those up. I’ve come back in to get a few more loaves going in the oven. I have three baggies Full of frozen bananas, but I set them out for a Little bit while I went out and had watermelon with the kids, My recipe calls for five cups.

Of some kind of soft fruit With this batch, though I’r also going to throw in a couple handfuls of chocolate chips, ( relaxing music ), So we’re getting ready to all go out the door for tae kwon do Bread-wise. I got done Three, this is for this day, the bread machine is a-goin’. This is for Monday, though, So far today, I got three of these. Like 11 by 15 glass baking dishes done, One was of banana raisin bread two were of this banana Chocolate chip, bread.

I got a nine by 13 and An eight by eight of banana raisin bread. I have Two loaves of applesauce bread. I need to pull out of The bread machines there, one of the pans full of The banana raisin bread, The kids ate that and a Watermelon for lunch today, ( child crying ). Oh Benji heard me talking For dinner tonight. I Got this chicken fajitas in the slow cooker? I’ve also got some twice-baked potatoes in the oven.

So what I’m still working? On is my freezer fruit, bread recipe, that’s up over On largefamilytable.Com all of these breads, if I didn’t say it already: they’ll be good for months, Not that we’ll have Them around for months, but it’s almost June now I’ve been making this Since last week in May so we might still have a couple loaves hanging out in August. Also when I was looking For items in my pantry, how cute is this? Okay, There are many items in my Pantry that have As on them, I wonder, who got a black Crayon and wrote those As ( relaxing music ) In a perfect world.

You separate your wet and dry ingredients. The big reason for doing that. Is to make sure that your baking soda and those important Agents so that your bread actually becomes bread is mixed properly, But I’m an old goat, mama And again I live on the wild side, so many times I just mix it all together. I can’t think of any time. I’ve ever had a problem, just mixing it all together, But you do what the experts say to do.

There is a trick which I don’t take time to do, but this is again if you want like really beautiful blueberry Bread, you can mix all of your ingredients together. Except the blueberries, and then you dust, your Blueberries in flour and then you gently fold, the Blueberries into the mix and that will give you bread, That looks like bread and then beautiful little round. Blueberries throughout your bread, However, I bloody murdered mine Bloody murdered.

My blueberries bloody murdered, my blueberry bread, We’re going to have some Purple blueberry bread with blueberry, goodness Mashed, all through it And that’s okay with me, too ( relaxing guitar, music, ), Still working off the banana bread recipe. Only I replaced the bananas With any other fruit, so we’re doing nothing different. Today I already sprayed my pan now we’re going to put in a cup Of milk, in both machines, This is where, if you can Pick up another bread machine or two bread machines at a thrift store and they’re.

Only like $ 2.99, I saw another one at Goodwill in my area, a Few weeks ago – and I thought Jamerrill, you don’t need Three bread machines, But you always need two. So if you can get yourselves Two then it’s just as easy as putting the same ingredients in both machines. At the same time, I’m still using Stevia, as my sugar, Of course, my disclaimer, if You’re reading this article, ten years from now, maybe We will have found out that Stevia is the cause.

Of all evil in the world, but for now Stevia is okay, I think, maybe probably not, who knows So now we’re going to get These going and then again just like I did last time we’ll run the rubber Spatula around the outside, So for this Breadman bread machine again, this is the quick bread Setting which is number 6 hit Start and then on this bad Boy, this is my 2.99 special, but it still made many Breads for me, over the years, I put this all the way down.

Express bake. 80 minutes. I, like the whirling sound of Double bread machines going. I think I’m going to double My freezer fruit, bread recipe, doing applesauce, bread and Then, as these other loaves are done, the batter will Be ready and we’ll just keep on filling it so we’ll Probably have about twelve or so large family-style Loaves, which means, if you would do these in Your eight by eight pans you’d have about 24 Loaves or so ready to go, and that’s all you would Need to do pre-hot, (, relaxing guitar, music ), So this was Zyan’s idea.

He asked if I was making any chocolate chip bread. I Said I didn’t have any bananas I said I’d make an Applesauce bread – and he said well that might be good With chocolate chips, so I think I’m going to go for it, I’m going to add this is Two cups, I’m going to add in four cups of chocolate chips. Remember only real life cooking going On around these here parts, Good Voila Dish-wise – I have a couple Nine by 13s available, because I don’t freeze the Bread in the glass dishes, but my other glass is hot And has other bread in it? You know doing the kitchen swirls here I have several of I Confirmed these are 11 by 18.

Some of my articles I go around saying I have these other real big Ones that are 11 by something, So I’m going to do some 11 by 18s as well. Now I have several Friends who use applesauce instead of oil in their Baking with no issues, I’ve used oil and Applesauce, but also added in the chocolate chips, Zyan Did the flavor analysis and he thought it would Go together nicely, It will It will Amelia says so too so.

We’ll be the guinea pigs We’ll try this out: ( homey guitar music ), Some hot pans coming out from the oven, So I moved the large 11 by 18 pan up a rack, That’s on for a few more minutes. These other pans over Here are completely cool. Obviously these are burning hot and the bread machine was beeping too. So I just checked in on The bread machine, bread, The loaf, that’s in my thrift, Store bread machine is done.

The loaf. That’s in my Breadman Bread machine my fork is not coming out totally Clean little bit on there, So when that happens, ooh You having a good old time, Uh-huh Yeah. When that happens. All I Have to do is a setting that says bake only so long story short. I add ten more minutes and I do it in ten Benjamin. If you hear a dinosaur, it’s Benjamin. Are you being a dinosaur (, Benjamin roars, ), (, Jamerrill roars ).

Do it in ten-minute increments’cause! That’s how either of These machines, let you do Sometimes it just – needs ten, more minutes, Okay, so this is the Loaf that I just pulled out of my thrift store bread machine. I will now just let it Sit here, 15 minutes or so Then I’ll take a butter knife around it then it’ll pop right out, yay. You can see our little Bread collection is growing, Got that other eight by 11 loaf.

Out Whenever I take my butter, Knife around one of these bread machine loaves. I then Just flip my little tub over, Usually it sits a few minutes, but that already felt like It was coming out, see here And there you go So here is our pretty little loaf. Now, whenever you do bake, Bread in the bread machine – you know it’s got the little Spinner at the bottom, so I usually just kind of dig That out pop it out early on or I forget about it and That’s extra, exciting.

Okay, so we’ve got the second loaf. All it needed was ten more Minutes again same ingredients, near-identical machine kids, Running cars on the floor still needed. Ten more Minutes but now it’s great, We still have one more of these Big 11 by 18s in the oven, but here’s the final look and the uh yeah stack of dishes. So thank you for hanging. Out over these few days and making a ton of bread, We will have freezer fruit.

Bread for quite a while won’t we Or not quite a while It depends on how life rolls Anywho. You can keep reading all of my Large Family Cooking articles right here, I’m putting up a playlist Of a bunch of my favorites, and you can just see how all the super-mega-large-family-style Cooking goes down and I’ll see you next time. With another brand-new article – and I will chat with everyone – In those comments below Buh-bye

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