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I think it’s just a fancy name for, like coffee, cake, style, loaf, bread. If you get what I’m saying, I might name it a recipe similar to this a long time ago, but it’s time for a refresher. This is so good and it’s so easy, but you are going to love it.

Let me run you through the list of ingredients. You’ll need all-purpose flour, baking powder salt you’ll need brown, sugar, cinnamon, granular sugar. In this little boy, I’ve got some more brown sugar flour and some more cinnamon you’ll need a couple of eggs. Some milk, some vanilla, I’m actually using vanilla bean paste, but I mean rinoa extract – is fine and some unsalted butter softened at room temperature and some apple.

bread machine apple bread

This is a really big Honey, Crisp apple, so I’m only going to use one, but if yours is smaller, just used to use whatever Apple you like, I’m not want to tell you to go, buy something separate for a recipe. If I can help it, the only thing I don’t love to bake with it’s like a Red, Delicious apple. I don’t love to bake with that, but in it anything that you got will work. I’ve got my oven preheated to 350, a nine by five inches.

Loaf. Pan lined with nonstick spray, then line with parchment and sprayed with a little bit of nonstick spray in this bowl, I’m going to add the butter and sugar. This is like half the for the batter. It’s like my Nona’s Italian apple cake. It’s that batter! I love that batter it’s so wonderful, so foolproof and works with a lot of different things and in fact I came up with the most intensely delicious, vanilla cake, using that recipe that I will share with you near the holiday season that it is so good.

Oh, my goodness so fantastic. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to just cream these two together, really well, I’m using my handheld electric whisk and then we move on that’s great to just kind of take my eggs. These are our fresh eggs. Oh, look at double yolk. Don’t you love that I love it. I love having my own fresh eggs, there’s just nothing like it there! So rich! Look at that color, my chickies out! There are so happy it’s just the best, I’m going to add just a little tiny bit of vanilla bean paste but, like I said, good vanilla extract will do the job just as well, and I’m just going to whisk all of this together until really well combined.

I’m actually just going to do this really quickly make sure it all gets combined. We go there. We go look at that color, okay, ah gorgeous. I can’t wait to share that vanilla cake with you. It is so, I think, just a slice of plain vanilla cake is so underrated. I know it’s a different recipe than this, but you know how I do so underrated and you’re going to just love that recipe. I know it now. What I’m going to do is add the dry.

I just do this all in one go because no patience. What can I say and the milk and I’m going to mix this up until nice and creamy, and then I’m going to set it aside to work on my apples? I just diced up to my Apple and I’m just tossing it with that brown sugar mixture with the cinnamon in the brown sugar beautiful. You know it doesn’t have to be super super perfect. Just make sure that you you dice it not too big, not too small.

Just right: okay, your batter, your batter is going to be quite thick and I don’t want this to alarm you and I don’t want you to feel the need to add more milk, because you got to keep in mind. This is a really dense bread number one and number two you’re going to get some moisture from the Apple right, so you got to just work with it and it will be perfect, and so, oh just you wait until you smell your house.

That’s all! I’m going to say about that: okay, half the batter in put scatter half the apples in there, like I said, does not at all have to be perfect. Just trust me other half on top just try to even out the top layer of your batter again. You really can be quite relaxed about this type of cooking because it’s a very rustic looking bread. My mouth is watering and it’s going to taste absolutely phenomenal and doesn’t matter that it doesn’t look like a masterpiece.

It will be a masterpiece, it will taste like a masterpiece, you’re just going to have to trust me. The remaining apples and what I do is I just take the remaining apples and you see I’m just sort of nestling them in the batter, and I take this mixture, which is just more cinnamon sugar and a little bit of the flour and I’d like to Cover the top of that with this mixture and I’m going to pop it into my oven at 350 for about an hour.

So, if you feel sometimes it happens to me mentioned this many many many times. I’ve got two ovens this one and one upstairs. They cook very differently. My one upstairs is much cooler this one. I don’t know what it is, but it’s very, very hot. So if you feel like halfway through the baking process, your top is getting just too dark, lower the temperature to 325. You want it to be a deep golden-brown, but you want to make sure that you don’t burn the top of it.

So I’m going to pop it in there about 15 minutes to an hour and then, when it came, when the toothpick comes out clean from the center of the bed of the bread, you know it’s done and let it cool a bit. My bread was in the oven for about an hour and let it just cool pretty much completely. It’s just slightly warm. You can see what the flour does along with the sugar. You don’t have to add the flour if you don’t want to, but what I find it.

I said it gives you this lovely doubly bit just like you would on an apple crisp, and I love that. But if you know one thing, you want more of a sunken in like golden bronze, topping leave out the tablespoon of flour and just use the brown sugar and you’ll be golden we’re going to make a quick little glaze. Very, very quick, very, very simple milk powder sugar. A little bit of it goes a long way, and I’m just doing this because now that it needs any more sweetness, but just a little bit drizzled on top will be perfect.

Just like so beautiful and running. Look at that that took us what 15 seconds time now tells me down below how long that took okay, and I just like to drizzle that and a little bit of sweetness, just kind of goes into little crevices and little nooks and crannies there. Oh, it’s just phenomenal, just fantastic you’re going to love this. If you got a potluck, a dinner, a holiday you going to mouth is watering.

Look at that. Let me get you another slice, so you can see real good. You know when I say the first slice is always the cooks treat very look at that. Look at that tender interior. Oh, my goodness! I’m going to need this right here, I’m just going to I’m just going to do this cuz! You know how I do you know how I do with the metal pieces. Oh, shut. It down, shut down the APUs after room beyond so good, so good tender magnificent.

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