A Perfect Loaf Of Bread

How To Use An Automatic Bread Maker For A Perfect Loaf Of Bread

How to make a perfect bread with a bread machine?

I’ve got all my ingredients laid out here first we’re main ingredient of course is flour yeast sugar buttermilk salt and oil no I have a measuring cup and I don’t have the actual measuring spoons here’s my tablespoon here’s my teaspoon you should use proper measuring tools.

This will prove to you that the recipe is a little bit flexible and very forgiving so first we need a cup of water put the wet ingredients in first so one cup of water plus two tablespoons next two tablespoons of oil.

heap of various bread on wooden background

I like to use first cold-pressed it’s healthier but that’s personal preference again you should use proper measuring jewels for this but again this is a very forgiving recipe:

  • One half teaspoons of salt
  • I’ve got two tablespoons of applying the white sugar
  • one and a half tablespoons of dried milk butter
  • we need three and a quarter cups of flour

I do this over the sink to avoid messes and the last thing is East once recorded teaspoons yeast must be fresh. I keep it in the refrigerator it works fine for me.

Again, it doesn’t have to be so precise now I’ve got my bread machine take your mixed ingredients in the container press again make sure to seat make sure it seats properly in the tabs.

All bread machines are pretty much the same close the door now plug in your machine now just select my loaf.

I hit select button and then I have a sister you probably cannot read it says to poem basic. I just put the ingredients in it for one and a half pound that’s what I just showed you for recipe.

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This is set on medium crust I could change my crust there’s dark light medium I happen to like medium you could use the Select key to go to various recipes you can make dough you can make pizza crust biscuits whatever but you want your 1.5 pound basic setting.

Again, I like medium crust and that’s all you really need here as far as the timer goes you can use this to start in the morning and have fresh bread ready for you when you wake up but for the basic settings that’s it hit start I can come back in 3 hours and 15 minutes and you have a nice finished loaf of bread.

One very important thing to note place your bread machine far back away from the edge of the counter I have had a bread machine vibrate itself off the counter and fall down and destroy itself one time.

These do vibrate and balance a lot push them back very machine is finished unplug it open it up inside you see a nice fat loaf of bread now the next step get yourself a hot pad this is going to be very hot and pull the bread out take a plate and a bowl shake your bread out onto the bowl.

Now the reason for this is as your bread cools it will release some moisture and if you leave it flat on a plate it’s going to get very soggy where it sits against the plate so I leave the bread sitting here on this bowl until it’s cool!

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